What to Expect at Fit4Baby

Information about your first Fit4Baby Class

What should I bring to a Fit4Baby Prenatal class?

  • Water
  • Yoga mat or towel for abdominal work
  • Post workout snack
  • Sunblock/gear if we're outside
  • Resistance bands and core ball (once you're registered; if you are trying a class for the first time, we'll supply them)

Can I begin working out or continue to work out during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the perfect time to commit to your health and your baby's health.

Exercise is an important component to your well being during pregnancy, and your strength as a new mom.

Our program is designed to use the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) Guidelines for Exercise During Pregnancy. Read them and share them with your healthcare provider.

Please click here to view a copy of the guidelines, and be sure to print one out so you can have an educated discussion with your care provider.

Provided that you have nothing that would preclude you from exercising, it IS safe to begin a workout regime while pregnant with your doctor's/midwife's approval. Just ease in and work at the level that is right for you.

Our Fit4Baby program is the perfect place to start, as we can help adapt your workout for each stage of pregnancy.

What trimester can I/should I start Fit4Baby? What stages of pregnancy are best suited to exercise?

When it comes to starting, the sooner the better! Exercise in each trimester has its own benefits.

How are workouts modified for pregnancy?

Our instructors are certified in prenatal exercise and will help you work at the level that is appropriate for you. Most of all, listen to your body.

When should I stop exercising during pregnancy?

For many women, exercising right up to delivery is safe with the proper modifications. But of course, listen to your body and your doctor, and keep communication open with your instructor. Also, be aware of signs that you should stop exercising.

How is Fit4Baby different from prenatal yoga or Pilates?

Unlike prenatal yoga and Pilates, we incorporate a cardio component as well as use resistance, strength and body weight training to help prepare you for delivery.

Our goal is that you will have all the elements needed to have a successful birth - muscles to help you in labor, cardiovascular endurance to help you during active labor, and muscles to help you function after your delivery.

What is a Fit4Baby workout like?

All classes last 60 minutes and are interval based, combining elements of strength training and cardiovascular exercises, plus stretching and balancing exercises.

Can I bring children to a Fit4Baby class?

This class is for expectant women only. However, we do have pregnant moms who attend our Stroller-based classes when they have stroller-aged children and are expecting their next child.

What if I have my baby before I use all my passes?

If your baby arrives (expectedly or unexpectedly) before you use all your passes, we will give you account credit to use for one of our other programs for the remaining classes.

For Mamas on a membership plan, your account will be placed on hold for 6 weeks and then transitioned to an unlimited Stroller Strides/ Stroller Barre plan.

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