Stroller Strides

Corinne »

I absolutely love Stroller Strides and can’t say enough good things about it. Joining Stroller Strides during my maternity leave made me get out of the house, exercise and socialize with other moms. Starting this class turned out to be a huge turning point for me on my journey as a new mom. Now I am addicted and I just wish I didn’t have to work as much as I do so I could go more often. I highly advise all new moms to join!!


Breane »

Stroller Strides is amazing! My son loves being around the other kids and I love being able to bring him with me! I have met so many great moms who are going through or have already gone through the same things I am. And most importantly, I'm working on improving my health.


Elaine »

Stroller Strides has been a great addition to my life! I have met many moms...some with children around the same age as my new son that I can have "real time" conversations about our current experiences, as well as other moms with older children that I can glean expertise from. I feel as though the workouts have helped me begin to bounce back physically, as well as emotionally about my changed body and socially with meeting so many new friends! As my son grows, I know that Stroller Strides will become one of his favorite activities as it is one of mine!


Alex »

My twins and I really enjoy Stroller Strides! I get to exercise without paying for daycare and they get to laugh at mommy! We all have made new friends and love socializing with them during class!


Kristin »

Stroller Strides is awesome! I love being able to get a great work out in with my daughter and meet some fabulous women all at the same time. Estelle is a great motivator and genuinely cares about helping me meet my goals in being healthy.


Sara »

Stroller Strides has been wonderful to belong to. We get a great workout and I have meet so many wonderful people!!

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