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Classes are held outside at the Douglas County Fairgrounds April 1 through October 31.

All Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre Classes meet at Pavilion A, which is east of Main Events Center, by the baseball fields. From Plum Creek Parkway, turn into the second entrance to the Fairgrounds, turn right at the stop sign and keep going until you dead end at Pavilion A. Park in that parking lot.

Fit4Baby and Body Back classes meet at the Pavilion above the football field, closest to the rock wall. From eastbound Plum Creek Parkway, turn into the third entrance to the Fairgrounds and park as close to the entrance as possible.

If you can't find us, please call Maddie @ 303.526.6965.

    Fit4Baby is held at Ashva Yoga on Wednesday Nights at 6:30pm.


    Run Club will also meet at Castle View on the track! We will use this as a meeting point and potentially use the connecting trails in the area!


    Our indoor Stroller Strides location for winter 2018-2019.

    We will be inside every morning starting November 1, 2018.

    *during October, if the temperature is predicted to be below 45* at 9am or there is a 40% chance of precipitation, we will be indoors*


    When the weather is bad and we can’t workout together indoors, we will workout together over the internet!

    All of our current members are added to our secret Facebook LIVE workout group! If you aren't a member yet, email Maddie at madisonatherton@fit4mom.com to learn about options for accessing our Live workouts at home.

    We can't wait to have you join us!