Week 3 - Support Group!

This week was all about the above and beyond Body Back provides! I couldn't have said it better myself - Julie talks this week about the love and support. The other ladies encourage you when things are tough. We are all strong, some days some are just harder than others. This week we conquered the CR Incline, which is amazing! And hard!

Here's Julie's take.......

This week my favorite part of this journey is how we are all supporting each other. Climbing the incline on Saturday was very hard for me but I was able to complete it because of all of you cheering me on. Thank you!!!

Food: For the most part this week I ate well. Saturday night I had a charity event to attend and I tried my hardest to eat well but splurged on dessert (and maybe a couple of adult beverages). Luckily I was able to get 22,000 steps for the day. Hopefully that counteracted the extra calories.

Workouts: As mentioned above, my biggest and hardest workout for the week was the incline on Saturday. It was rough but I didn’t give up and completed the task. Between the incline, setting up for the charity event, walking around downtown Denver and dancing the night away I had over 22,000 steps for the day.

Summary: After a fun weekend, it’s time to get serious again and keep this momentum going. Thank you again for all of your support!

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