Week 2 - This is NO joke!

Good news first…I lost 5.4 pounds in Week 1! Bad news…this week was much harder than last week for me.

Food: My new purchase for this week was a new water bottle that infuses fruit. It is delicious and makes drinking water much easier. My favorite is lemon and strawberry. Yum! I also made my favorite breakfast quiches that I stick in the freezer and take out as I want them and they are only 77 calories per serving.

On Friday, I had my first cheat and ate a doughnut. In the past, I would then eat badly throughout the day. This time, I jumped right back on to eating well again.

For the people that know me, I don’t cook and I cooked 5 nights this week. That’s also a big step for me. J

Workouts: Workouts are where I had a harder time getting motivated this week. I did complete at least a short walk to get in exercise every day. Shoveling snow was a great workout this week (although I hope I don’t have to use that one again…EVER!).

I already feel as though I’m getting stronger and have more energy to complete my workouts. At my Friday Cross Fit workout, I even went up in the amount of weight I used.

Summary: Although this week seemed to be much harder for me, I believe it was successful. I guess we will see when I get on the scale on Monday morning.

I got my son to join me for a workout and come outside to help me shovel snow. This has made me more aware of how important it is for the whole family to get out there and move.

My husband is still doing great on his journey. He won’t tell me how much he has lost but I can see the changes he has made.

Here’s to another great week! Let’s get out there and move!

free class.jpg