New Beginnings

Week 1 (11/1-11/6): New Beginnings

Welcome to new beginnings! New beginnings are what this session is all about for me. Let’s forget what we have done for the last few weeks and start anew. I have been off track for the last 3 weeks or so and haven’t been concentrating on my nutrition or exercise. This session is my chance to get back on the wagon before the holidays arrive.

I have started meal planning again which is very important when you want to stay on track with your nutrition. The hardest part of this for me is getting the rest of my family on board. My husband is not a planner and wants to eat the foods he “feels like” at the moment and not what I’ve planned. I’ve decided for the next 4 weeks, if he doesn’t want what I am making, he will need to fend for himself.

Getting back to tracking my steps has been important this week. I have tried to make sure that I get my 10,000 steps every day. Whether it is a quick walk during my lunch or walking around the house at 9:00 pm to get those last 1,000 steps, I have been successful this week.

My goals for this session are to continue to meal plan and besides the twice a week Body Back Sessions to make sure that I get in at least 3 walks a week. I also want to lose the last 5-6 pounds that I have to reach my goal.

Good Luck!

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