Life Gets in The Way

Week 2 (11/7-11/13):Life Gets in the Way

This week life got in the way. I got busy at work and didn’t get my walks in at lunch and I had events in the evenings that interfered with getting any type of workout accomplished after work. This held me back from getting enough exercise in all week.

I planned my meals again all week. On Sunday, I prepackaged as much as I could to take to work. This helped tremendously with how busy life got. I was able to put my lunches together in minutes each evening and was able to stick to the breakfasts, lunchesand snacks that I had planned. Unfortunately dinner was another story. I had planned to cook a meal most evenings but because I was late getting home or had an event going on, I was unable to stick to it. Because of this, I just chose to eat smaller portions of whatever we ended up grabbing at the last minute.

Exercise was a disaster for me this week. I think I only got in one walk at lunch and even missed the Tuesday night workout. L My goal is to get back on this next week and hit it hard.

The scale tells me that I lost 4.8 pounds in the first 2 weeks. I can definitely tell that my clothes are fitting better again and I am not feeling as bloated.

Here’s to another week!

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