Julie's Journey - Week 4!

Week 4 (4/24-4/30):

We are halfway through this session already! It is hard to believe. This week I have noticed that my “fat” pants are too big and I might need to bring out my next size down to get me through until I can fit into my “skinny” pants.

Food: Eating better seems to be getting easier. This week I passed on doughnuts and bagels and it was fairly easy to do so. It also helps that everyone around me is watching what they eat too. The support has been very helpful.

Workouts: It was hard to fit in workouts this week. I was able to fit in a few short walks and an additional workout on Friday besides my workouts with the group. Every week I am getting stronger and stronger. This week I compared my before pictures to my halfway pictures and there is a big change. This program is definitely working for me! J

Summary: This has been another successful week as I am seeing a lot of change in myself both mentally and physically. I am looking forward to spending the next 4 weeks with all of you!

free class.jpg