Body Back - Week 6!

This is the real deal..... this week Julie takes a look at how 'real life' is different for her. It's getting easier and better to incorporate her new lifestyle into daily routine - and it feels good!..... Even if there are plateau's involved. Great Job Julie!!!

From Julie:

This week I hit a plateau and didn’t gain or lose any weight. This is very frustrating because I worked so hard and did not see any results. I know it is a blip on the radar and will continue to work towards my goals.

Food: This week at work I had a couple of lunch meetings but chose to bring in my own food so I had control over what I was eating. This got many looks from coworkers at the meeting as they wondered why I would give up free food.

It just so happened that I had blood work done at the beginning of March before this session started and then last week after we have been 5 weeks in. My cholesterol went from 158 in March to 140 in May. My Triglycerides went from 56 in March to 50 in May. My numbers in March were good but they have only improved.

Workouts: I continue to get stronger from week to week. I am able to do more and last longer. I am looking forward to our final assessments to see how much I have improved over Day 1. The workouts are becoming an outlet for me. I am finding them great for stress release and “me” time.

Summary: Even though I hit a plateau this week as far as weight loss goes, my health is getting better and I continue to get stronger. Only 2 more weeks left in this session. I’m looking forward to finishing strong.

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