Body Back - Week 5

Week 5 (5/1-5/7):

We are in the home stretch!! Let’s keep our goals in front of us and strive to achieve them. My goal is to lose 20 pounds in the 8 weeks. I hit 10 pounds lost this week so I’m a little behind but I know I will reach my goal even if it takes me longer than the 8 weeks.

Food: Since I hit the 10 pound mark this week, I rewarded myself with a cheat day on Sunday. It was Mother’s Day after all. In order to counteract some of the calories I did go for a walk (all by myself!!!). When holidays and special events sneak in, I find it harder to stay on track.

Workouts: Running the mile on Wednesday was still pretty hard for me but I felt like it was a bit easier than the first time we did it. I have just signed up for a 5K on June 4th so I need to get going so I can be ready to at least run part of that.

Summary: Every week you all inspire me to keep going and work towards my goals. Let’s keep it up!!! Thank you!!

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