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A year ago, this week I began my journey with Stroller Strides in Castle Rock. After a 41-hour labor that ended in an emergency C-section I was laid out for the first few months with a high needs baby and postpartum depression setting in. I had a wonderful support system at home but still felt alone and isolated from the world around me. I was new to the area and didn’t know what was available to new mothers. I was cleared to work out and decided that since I was a runner prior to baby girl arriving I would just pick up where I left off.

HA! My body instantly reminded me that my body was not the same and that fast pace running was not on the menu anytime soon. I sank into a bigger depression. Not only had I lost the body I had worked so hard for before the baby, but now I felt like I would never be able to feel fit again. A couple of weeks went by and I found myself driving home one night when the idea of driving off the road entered my mind. My intent wasn’t to die, just a small accident that would get me away from my baby and husband and let me get some rest, that’s all!...


Week 2 (11/7-11/13):Life Gets in the Way

This week life got in the way. I got busy at work and didn’t get my walks in at lunch and I had events in the evenings that interfered with getting any type of workout accomplished after work. This held me back from getting enough exercise in all week.

I planned my meals again all week. On Sunday, I prepackaged as much as I could to take to work. This helped tremendously with how busy life got. I was able to put my lunches together in minutes each evening and was able to stick to the breakfasts, lunchesand snacks that I had planned. Unfortunately dinner was another story. I had planned to cook a meal most evenings but because I was late getting home or had an event going on, I was unable to stick to it. Because of this, I just chose to eat smaller portions of whatever we ended up grabbing at the last minute.

Exercise was a disaster for me this week. I think I only got in one walk at lunch and even missed the Tuesday night workout. L My goal is to get back on this next week and hit it hard.

The scale...


Week 1 (11/1-11/6): New Beginnings

Welcome to new beginnings! New beginnings are what this session is all about for me. Let’s forget what we have done for the last few weeks and start anew. I have been off track for the last 3 weeks or so and haven’t been concentrating on my nutrition or exercise. This session is my chance to get back on the wagon before the holidays arrive.

I have started meal planning again which is very important when you want to stay on track with your nutrition. The hardest part of this for me is getting the rest of my family on board. My husband is not a planner and wants to eat the foods he “feels like” at the moment and not what I’ve planned. I’ve decided for the next 4 weeks, if he doesn’t want what I am making, he will need to fend for himself.

Getting back to tracking my steps has been important this week. I have tried to make sure that I get my 10,000 steps every day. Whether it is a quick walk during my lunch or walking around the house at 9:00 pm to get those last 1,000 steps, I have been successful this week.


julie before.jpg

Do you SEE these results!?!?! Incredible! What an amazing accomplishment! Way to goal set, stick to it, and commit! Your body, mind, soul, and family will thank you!

How did eight weeks fly by so fast? No matter how difficult it was at times, I loved every minute of it and look forward to continuing this to meet my goals.

Food: During the eight weeks, I lost a total of 14.8 pounds. I now know exactly what I can and can’t eat. I’m not to my goal yet so will continue to eat the right things and watch what I eat.

Workouts: I have made great strides in my workouts. From start to finish, I decreased my time for the mile by 1½ minutes. I increased my squats and pushups by over 10 in a minute. My plank time also increased. For bicep curls, I had almost as many at the end as at the beginning with an increase in total weight.

Summary: This has been a great ride and I look forward to the next session. Thank you to everyone for your support. This has been a great group. I...


As we enter the final week of this session, I realize that I want to continue this way of life and once I meet my goal, work hard to maintain it this time.

Food: Making the right food choices is becoming easier and easier. I realize how hard I have been working and don’t want to mess it up. I have to keep in mind that once I meet my goal, then I can splurge once in a while. That day is not that far away!

Workouts: I am starting to love working out. I almost feel guilty if I don’t at least get a short walk in every day. It is my release and is helping to alleviate any stress that I may have.

Summary: I can’t believe that we only have one more week left! This has been a huge growing experience for me to learn how to eat better and how great exercising can make me feel.


This is the real deal..... this week Julie takes a look at how 'real life' is different for her. It's getting easier and better to incorporate her new lifestyle into daily routine - and it feels good!..... Even if there are plateau's involved. Great Job Julie!!!

From Julie:

This week I hit a plateau and didn’t gain or lose any weight. This is very frustrating because I worked so hard and did not see any results. I know it is a blip on the radar and will continue to work towards my goals.

Food: This week at work I had a couple of lunch meetings but chose to bring in my own food so I had control over what I was eating. This got many looks from coworkers at the meeting as they wondered why I would give up free food.

It just so happened that I had blood work done at the beginning of March before this session started and then last week after we have been 5 weeks in. My cholesterol went from 158 in March to 140 in May. My Triglycerides went from 56 in March to 50 in May. My numbers in March were good but they have only improved....


Week 5 (5/1-5/7):

We are in the home stretch!! Let’s keep our goals in front of us and strive to achieve them. My goal is to lose 20 pounds in the 8 weeks. I hit 10 pounds lost this week so I’m a little behind but I know I will reach my goal even if it takes me longer than the 8 weeks.

Food: Since I hit the 10 pound mark this week, I rewarded myself with a cheat day on Sunday. It was Mother’s Day after all. In order to counteract some of the calories I did go for a walk (all by myself!!!). When holidays and special events sneak in, I find it harder to stay on track.

Workouts: Running the mile on Wednesday was still pretty hard for me but I felt like it was a bit easier than the first time we did it. I have just signed up for a 5K on June 4th so I need to get going so I can be ready to at least run part of that.

Summary: Every week you all inspire me to keep going and work towards my goals. Let’s keep it up!!! Thank you!!


Week 4 (4/24-4/30):

We are halfway through this session already! It is hard to believe. This week I have noticed that my “fat” pants are too big and I might need to bring out my next size down to get me through until I can fit into my “skinny” pants.

Food: Eating better seems to be getting easier. This week I passed on doughnuts and bagels and it was fairly easy to do so. It also helps that everyone around me is watching what they eat too. The support has been very helpful.

Workouts: It was hard to fit in workouts this week. I was able to fit in a few short walks and an additional workout on Friday besides my workouts with the group. Every week I am getting stronger and stronger. This week I compared my before pictures to my halfway pictures and there is a big change. This program is definitely working for me! J

Summary: This has been another successful week as I am seeing a lot of change in myself both mentally and physically. I am looking forward to spending the next 4 weeks with all...


This week was all about the above and beyond Body Back provides! I couldn't have said it better myself - Julie talks this week about the love and support. The other ladies encourage you when things are tough. We are all strong, some days some are just harder than others. This week we conquered the CR Incline, which is amazing! And hard!

Here's Julie's take.......

This week my favorite part of this journey is how we are all supporting each other. Climbing the incline on Saturday was very hard for me but I was able to complete it because of all of you cheering me on. Thank you!!!

Food: For the most part this week I ate well. Saturday night I had a charity event to attend and I tried my hardest to eat well but splurged on dessert (and maybe a couple of adult beverages). Luckily I was able to get 22,000 steps for the day. Hopefully that counteracted the extra calories.

Workouts: As mentioned above, my biggest and hardest workout for the week was the incline on Saturday. It was rough but I didn’t give up and...


Good news first…I lost 5.4 pounds in Week 1! Bad news…this week was much harder than last week for me.

Food: My new purchase for this week was a new water bottle that infuses fruit. It is delicious and makes drinking water much easier. My favorite is lemon and strawberry. Yum! I also made my favorite breakfast quiches that I stick in the freezer and take out as I want them and they are only 77 calories per serving.

On Friday, I had my first cheat and ate a doughnut. In the past, I would then eat badly throughout the day. This time, I jumped right back on to eating well again.

For the people that know me, I don’t cook and I cooked 5 nights this week. That’s also a big step for me. J

Workouts: Workouts are where I had a harder time getting motivated this week. I did complete at least a short walk to get in exercise every day. Shoveling snow was a great workout this week (although I hope I don’t have to use that one again…EVER!).

I already feel as though I’m getting stronger and have more energy to...


Week 1 is done! Julie talks about her journey, her WHY, and the friends she is meeting along the way! Enjoy!

Week 1 (4/4-4/10):

Welcome to Body Back! This is a very exciting adventure for me and I am looking forward to learning from the whole group and meeting my goals once and for all.

Food Journal Update: Recording food is easy for me. I’m a planner so looking at my intake on a daily basis is right up my alley. Hummus was a new food for me this week and I found that I like it. Eating veggies with my meals has been a great add on. I generally drink a lot of water during the day but I am a Diet Coke-a-holic and am having a hard time cutting back. I’m still getting my water in though!! I feel so much better this week since I’m not intaking all the garbage anymore.

Workouts: This week was a busy week for me but I was able to get some kind of exercise in each day. Monday I did a long walk on my lunch hour. Tuesday and Thursday were just quick walks. Wednesday I walked to Brittie’s house and then did the assessment. At work they offer a Cross Fit...

free class.jpg